Automated schedule generation

In complex scheduling environments, like crew rostering, tail-to-flight assignment or routing problems, automated schedule generation can both save time and improve schedule quality.

Visiro develops automated schedule generation or rostering software based on state-of the art algorithms and heuristics.

Let computers do the job

Often, schedule generation is a time-consuming process due to the large number of factors to take into account. In many occasions, automated schedule generation can provide a solution.

Automated schedule generators typically generate and analyze a large number of different scenarios in a short time period. From all these thousands of scenarios, the best one is selected and presented automatically.

In many situations, automated scheduling outperforms manual scheduling both on time and quality.

Tailor-made solutions

The business rules in automated schedule generation software must always represent the business rules and working methods in your company. Also, automated scheduling is not always the best solution for your specific business problems.

Any scheduling problem requires a tailor-made solution. Visiro consultants can help you to develop a solution that fits your business needs.

Fast development and DuplexChart integration

By using Novulo's Rapid Application Development software, Visiro can focus quickly on the development of the actual schedule generation software.

Every scheduling or rostering application can be connected to our VisiroChart module to display and manipulate the generated schedules easily.

Automated planning and scheduling

Automating complex scheduling problems saves time and improves overall schedule quality. Visiro designs and develops state-of-the-art algorithms to enable automated schedule generation.


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