Maintenance Facility Planning

The maintenance facility schedule indicates when which aircraft will visit the hangar for what maintenance check and how long it will take to perform all inspections and reparations.

Therefore, this schedule or plan plays a central role at every airline and in every maintenance facility.

Visiro has developed an application that enables the airline or maintenance facility to optimize their schedules.

Complex by nature

The maintenance facility schedule is complex by nature as a balance between different factors will need to be found, for example:

Making such schedule is made even more complex by the vast amount of (business) rules the schedule has to comply with and creating only a working schedule might take several days.

High savings potential

Optimizing a maintenance schedule is a key driver to cost reduction due to its leverage effect.

Every improvement of the schedule reduces the number of checks and inspections to be performed on a yearly basis. Thereby maintenance costs are reduced and aircraft availability is increased at the same time.

Airlines using Visiro's software for maintenance scheduling have reported savings up to 10%,

Visualisation, automation and scenario comparison

Visiro's Maintenance Slot Planning application enables for quick generation and analysis of different scheduling scenario's.

The Maintenance Slot Planning application uses the VisiroChart.


A screen-by-screen demonstration of key features of the application can be found here.

More information

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Screen-by-screen demo

Watch a screen-by-screen demonstration of the Maintenance Facility Planning application. Start demo


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