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Visiro provides web-based software solutions for the Aviation, Maintenance and Logistics industry.

We are specialized in solutions that involve planning, scheduling or rostering problems. Examples are production planning, maintenance scheduling, slot planning and workflow control.

Tailor-made solutions

We believe that every organization needs a tailor-made solution, as no company is identical to any other. On the other hand, we see that many companies have similar needs for similar problems.

Visiro develops tailor-made solutions, based upon standard components that are developed by our R&D department. Thanks to our state of the art development approach, we are able to create tailor-made solutions very quickly.

We deliver unique, company-specific solutions in a time-frame only found with suppliers of standard software.


The VisiroChart is a software component that enables visualizing planning and scheduling problems. VisiroChart allows for direct manipulations in the chart and the effects of changes are displayed instantly (Read more).

Automated scheduling

Automated planning or scheduling can improve both the speed of schedule generation as the quality of generated schedules. Visiro creates software that enables automated planning and scheduling (Read more).

Novulo software development

The Novulo development suite makes it possible to design and develop software graphically, together with the customer. After drawing, software can be generated and tested within seconds. By using this development method, you are ensured to always get the software you really need (Read more).

Maintenance Facility Planning

Save more than 10% on your total maintenance costs by using Visiro's Maintenance Facility Planning application. Read more

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